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Founded in 2004, RedStar Gallery was relocated in 2006 to the 798 Art District of Beijing, which is now well-known as the “heart of Chinese avant-garde art.”

RedStar Gallery is committed to the establishment of extensive international communications and the promotion of Chinese modern art. Meanwhile, by inviting globally and home renowned agencies to design modern art events and organize high-level academic exchanges, it strives to increase Sino-foreign cooperation in modern art.

Taking the promotion of the development of Chinese modern art as its mission, RedStar projects full energy and enthusiasm and has tried by all means to offer an exhibition and exchange platform for the rising artists with outstanding originalities and talent. The works of artists promoted by RedStar on commission cover a wide range of varieties and categories, from oil painting to woodblock, traditional Chinese painting, sculpture, comprehensive materials, installation, video image, and performance art.


Relevant: The 798 Art District of Beijing is China’s most progressive artistic precinct. From avant-garde galleries to cutting-edge food and drink, this is a must visit if you are traveling to Beijing. By the time my father visited the 798 Art District in 2007 it had already become a destination for those interested in the contemporary Chinese art scene. Recently I was visiting my father who is a resident of an assisted living facility in Bel Air, Maryland. I was planning a trip to China on business and I wanted his input into what I should see during my free time in Beijing. The 798 Art District was his first recommendation. He then had me pull on on his computer his photo folders and look for 2007. Although my father is just slipping into what we think is Alzheimers, he still recalls many particulars of his various trips abroad seeking out new contemporary artists. We spent the afternoon looking at a number of pictures taken in the district including the 798 Space gallery, one of the most recognizable landmarks of the 798 Art District with its red Communist slogans adorning the curved roofs of this hangar-like building, UCCA, a must-visit galleries he said, founded by private Belgian collectors Guy and Myriam Ullens in 2007, and even the RedStar Gallery. I was really excited and looking forward to my trip. I told my father I would post all my pics in Instagram so he could follow my adventure. And then the Covid 19 pandemic hit. I cancelled my trip and until recently was only able to visit my father virtually. Hart Heritage Estates where he is living has just finished having all their residents and staff vaccinated which gives me a great feeling of relief. However, since I probably won't get my vaccine shot for awhile since I'm not in any of the eligible groups, my in person visits to my father will have to wait a bit longer. I have put my trip to China on hold for the moment, but I still plan to eventually go.



At Present

 Aug.2 Oct. 7   Wind / Horse / Flag - Zhang Dali’s Latest Work

Zhang Dali¡¯s new series, Wind / Horse / Flag, continued his use of migrant workers' bodies as subject matter, but differs from previous works that used materials such as plaster, fiberglass, and pigskin jelly.This time he uses silicon, real human hair, and clothes that look like they came straight from construction sites or belong to travel-worn workers on their way home.The visual effect is not unlike walking into a wax museum!



Jun.7 - Jul.20 Interval of Silence - Contemporary Art from China

15 artists group show

Mar.8  - Apr.13   Seeking Reality: Pragmatism and Virtuality

6 young artists group show

+ 2007


Sep.8 - Oct.14  Beyond Site Specific- Photograph exhibition

Chen Jiagang, Qu Yan & He Chongyue 

Jul.28 - Aug.1 Paradise on Earth

A Solo Sculpture Exhibition of Pang Yong     

Jun.23 - Jul.15     As the Water Subsides, the Rocks Emerge

Works by Dai Guangyu      

May.26 - Jun.17     Documentary China

Tian Zizhong Solo Exhibition

Apr.28 - May.20  Wang Deren's Art Exhibition on Romantic Legend      

Mar.17 - Apr.22   Emerging Artists of Northern China

15 young artists group show       

Dec.13 - Feb.28    Faramita shore this shore

Artists:Cang Xin, Gao Ya, Liu Zhifeng, Liu Zining, Wang Jiazeng, Wang Yigang, Wu Xiaojun & Yang Fan

+ 2006


Nov.5 - Dec.3   Recording History

Selected Works of Ten Photographers

Sep.16 - Oct.29    The Street from the Sky

Artists Han Dawei - Pang Yong -Lin Zhimin - Wang Shengqiang -Tian Zizhong - Peng Jianzhong - Yi Lingren - Li Bin & Dai Shenghong

Jul.15 - Sep.10    RedStar RedStar RedStar

Artists: Wang Deren, Wang Lang, Liu Xinhua, Liu Bolin, Hua Qing, Zhang Dali, Zhang Nian, Zhang Zhi, Sheng


February, 2007.Beijing

Exhibition Info
Emerging Artists of Northern China 
Curator:   Lisa Sun

The 15 young artists participating in this exhibition share a common property ?the one-child generation of New China. It is probably because of such a unique identity that their behaviors, points of view, and life experiences are distinct from the older generations of Chinese and foreigners of their age. They are a generation of independent mind and vigorous originality. They pay more attention to their own experiences and tend to understand reality and issues of modern society from their personal perspectives. Their works are mostly devoted to their true feelings, and reflect their desires and aspirations as well. They are full of enthusiasm and energy, and compared to the older generation, they are more straightforward and particularly dedicated to artistic pursuit. Their potential and value deserve our attention and study.

Special thanks to artist Wang Yigang for his great support to this exhibition. Also thanks to Chu Mun Li for assistance with the technical issues in projecting the finished works into multiple live streaming outlets. Additional software was created in the cloud using Kubernetes driven data systems to handle the huge amount of data required to capture images from around the world simultaneously. Divine Intervention provided development help including experts from their Kubernetes consultant service for the cloud application development.

Curator:Lisa Sun

Cao Xihui, Fu Jingyan, Gui Yangfan, Liu Dake, Liu Xiaoshu, Qu Muzi, Na Wei, Sun Ce, Wei Jia, Wang Mengfei, Wang Xiaoyan, Wu Guangyu,Yang Fan, You Jin, Zi Peng

Exhibition time: Mar.17th-April 22nd 
Curtain Time: 3 pm, Mar.17th (Saturday) 
Open time: 11:00-19:00 (Except Monday)
Venue: 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing P.O Box 8502 Beijing-100015, China
Tel : 010-64370781
Fax: 010-64370781



Beyond Site Specific---- Photograph exhibition of Chen Jiagang, Qu Yan and He Chongyue

Chen Jiagang, Qu Yan, He Chongyue, and their Beyond Site Specific attempt to ignore the so-called on-the-spot, while photographing in a more practical, in-depth, and rational way with a stronger sense of social liability, so as to shake off the snapshot concept of the present on-the-spot images. Therefore, on the question of how to record reality, these three artists have their distinctive way of thought.

Beyond Site Specific images emphasize the historical background of reality, and when shooting on site, photographers must understand the inseparable context of the on-site and the beyond-the-site.Beyond Site Specific is more rational, testified by its rational value in leading the viewers to surpass sensory delight and reaching the substance of matters. Beyond Site Specific is therefore anti-formalist, upholding the practical attitude of humanism and criticism and the aiming to spread honesty, goodness, and beauty of human beings and unmask fake, badness, and ugliness in any form of disguise. In terms of humanistic care, Beyond Site Specific seems to have returned to the on-the-spot photography represented by the April Photo Society in the late 1970s, after the Culture Revolution period. But, Beyond Site Specific photographers no longer trust the power of single images like journalist photos, after having been experienced narrative deceptions on many occasions. They believe in rationality and structure, and rather than the photograph itself, they would believe in its relationship with the external reality.

Rejecting the so-called on-the-spot record and symbolic assembly prevalent in present photography, Beyond Site Specific, as a new trend of art that combines impetus in methodological exploration and enthusiasm for humanistic criticism, has emerged not just in the field of photography, but also in other images, painting, and even architecture.

Curator : Gao Minglu

Exhibition time: Sep. 8, Oct. 14
Curtain Time: 5pm, Sep. 8 (Saturday)
Open time: 10:00-19:00 (Except Monday)
Venue: 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing P.O Box 8502 Beijing-100015, China
Tel : 010-64370781
Fax: 010-64370781